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Insightful Options, PLLC has a team of professional, dedicated and  experienced therapists. Please allow them to introduce themselves below.  

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Founder of IO, PLLC



Specialties- Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence, Couples/Premarital, Prepared Enrich Counselor, Prime for Life Instructor, Clinical Supervision, Business Consulting


Dr. McIlwaine has been practicing since 2005 and she established IO, PLLC in 2006.  


Dr. McIlwaine is a native of Georgetown, SC and currently resides in Charlotte, NC. She is a provider in both North and South Carolina and Georgia. She also provides clinical supervision to Associate Level counselors wishing to obtain their full license. Dr. McIlwaine has developed a practice of highly qualified and well-trained professionals to provide many of the different services offered at IO, PLLC.  As the CEO and Clinical Director, it is Dr. McIlwaine's sole duty to recruit the best of the best to provide highly professional and personalized services to our clients.  In addition, she has developed a Clinical Training Internship Program with master level students to provide clinical services under her supervision at a reduced rate to help individuals and famiies to obtain affordable clinical services.  Dr. McIlwaine serves as the Preceptor and Clinical Supervision. 


Dr. McIlwaine practice counseling as a generalist because of her extensive background working with different populations with a wide range of diverse issues.  She has experience with children, adolescents, adults, males and females, couples and families. Dr. McIlwaine has a wide knowledge base in different areas because of her 8-10 years of service in the human service, criminal justice, public service, non-profit and law enforcement fields.  Dr. McIlwaine has been providing human services in the Charlotte- Mecklenburg community since 1996.   


Dr. McIlwaine's most common approached counseling are a combination of person/client-centered, brief solution focused, reality and cognitive behavioral therapies.  She also has experience with counseling in outpatient, in-home services, jail, emergency department, community, residential and inpatient settings. Dr. McIlwaine also presents on various topics at health fairs, speaks on mental health and healthcare panels, conducts workshops, seminars, and training for private, non-profit and corporate organizations regarding mental health and substance use disorders.  


Dr. McIlwaine is currently an Adjunct Professor at Southern New Hampshire University and Grand Canyon University, both online.  She also taught as an Adjunct Professor at Johnson C. Smith University and Pfeiffer University in Charlotte, NC and Gaston College in Belmont, NC.  Dr. McIlwaine serves as a Clinical Field Instructor/Preceptor and IO, PLLC serves as a Clinical Field Placement Site for Johnson C. Smith University MSW Program, North Carolina A&T Counseling Program and several other clinical programs from universities across the USA. Dr. McIlwaine was also recognized for being nominated for MSW Field Instructor of the Year 2014-2015. In 2017, Dr. McIlwaine obtained the Approved Clinical Supervisor credential that ensures that she is nationally recognized Clinical Supervisor. 


Additionally, Dr. McIlwaine completed her Ed.D. in Counseling Psychology at Argosy University-Sarasota, FL. Dr. McIlwaine completed her dissertation study on DWI Treatment Services. The title of her dissertation was ASSESSING COUNSELORS' PERCEPTIONS OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF A SUBSTANCE ABUSE PROGRAM FOR FIRST-TIME DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED OFFENDERS.


Dr. McIlwaine enjoys helping others, working with her two sons and she is passionate about learning, teaching and coaching cheer/dance in her community.   


Blog- https://insightfuloptions.wordpress.com


Email- lmcilwaine@insightful-options.com


Website- www.drlatashamcilwaine.com

Email-  counselor@drlatashamcilwaine.com


Website- https://www.greenemcilwainefoundation.org/


Tele Mental Health/Tele-Therapy Sessions

Psychotherapy (Mental Health Talk Therapy) Sessions are By Appointments Only with Dr. McIlwaine.  Call or email to schedule an appointment.

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Dr. Latasha is still currently accepting new LPC-I, LPC-A, LCAS-A or R and CSAC-I or R for supervision. Additionally, she is accepting supervisory candidates pursuing LPC-S (SC) and CS-I (NC Substance Abuse). 

Serving Fayetteville and Hoke County

Felix E. Alexander, MA, LPC, LCAS 


Specialties- Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Prime for Life Instructor, Clinical Supervision 


Felix has been practicing since 2013 and established Can Do Counselling, PLLC in 2017. 


Felix is a native of Florence, SC and currently resides in Fayetteville, NC. He is a License Professional Counselor (LPC) in both North and South Carolina and a License Clinical Addiction Specialist (LCAS) in North Carolina. He also provides clinical supervision for individuals seeking to become a Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC). 


Felix practices counseling as a generalist because of his background working with a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of issues. He has experience with children, adolescents, adults, males and females, couples and families. Felix has a wealth of knowledge base on his six years of experience as a counselor and his thirty plus years of professionalism in management, training, and military service. He has functioned as a Director of Operations, Training Administrator, and Information Systems Manager. He is also a retired Air Force Officer with over twenty years of distinguished service. 


Felix’s approach to counseling is a combination brief solution focused, client-centered, cognitive behavioral and mindfulness therapies. He has experience with counseling in outpatient, in-home, military, and residential settings. Felix is also currently working as a Military and Family Life Counselor at Fort Bragg Army Post, Fayetteville, NC. Additionally, He is seeking an Ed.D. in Community Care Counseling at Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA. 


Email- candocounsel@gmail.com