Affordable Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision


Dr. McIlwaine is currently accepting supervisees for supervision in North and South Carolina; R-LCAS; P-LCAS, LPC-A, LPC-I, R-CSAC, and CSAC. She's currently providing several supervision groups every week of the month for flexibility and to allow schedule changes as our profession would sometimes require.  Dr. McIlwaine is also open and flexible to providing individual and/or groups supervision at other times during the week to help accommodate difficult schedules and persons living outside of the Charlotte/Fort Mill area.  Dr. McIlwaine also has a real-time/online supervision session schedule via Skype or FaceTime for certain licenses, not all licenses apply. All supervisees must have proof of malpractice insurance prior to first supervision session.  Also, you may call Dr. McIlwaine to set up times for the Fort Mill location or times for Georgetown location.

Dr. McIlwaine's first meeting is a 60 min consultation that can count towards your hours (LCAS and LPC-$100.00) and if you decide to come on board supervision rates are below, unless you are interested in the supervision options.  All initial supervision consultations are $100.00 per hour.


Substance Abuse

 1) $65.00 per hour for Group

 2) $100.00 per hour for Individual 

(The first 30 hours of face to face for 300 supervised practice is required for LCAS-R and CSAC-R; "R" is registrant status)


LPC (NC and SC)
 1) $100.00 per hour for LPC/I- (SC) 150 hours face to face and LPC/A- (NC) 100 hours face to face 

 2) $65.00 per hour for Groups- NC LPC Groups are required to be in 2 hours settings at the rate of $130.00

(Hourly Rates without the Monthly Payment Option)


Interested individuals, please call us or email us.  


Additional Supervision Opportunities  
Three Options for Supervision are available:

Supervision 1 (SA)
$315.00 per month (Discounted Rate $78.75 per session)
Supervision (individuals and groups)


Supervision 2 (LPC) 
$315.00 per month

(for the duration of supervision-Discounted Rated $78.75)

4-5 hours of supervision per month including group hours

$100.00 per additional licenses


$315+$100= $415.00 2 licenses



$315+$100+$100= $515.00 3 licenses  


Supervision Information
100 hours- NC LPCA- Groups 25 hours and Individuals 75 hours
150 hours- SC LPCI
30 hours- LCAS-R and CSAC-R (to become Associate or Intern status)

ON-GOING SUPERVISION-Based on Ratio of supervisee's hours worked


Please contact us for further information. 


Training Workshop


Confused about supervision process- Register for our Licensure 101 Workshop


Licensure 101: The Questions Your Masters Program Did Not Answer.

Insightful Options, PLLC is proud to present two educational workshops to assist individuals in the pursuit of North Carolina Licensure and/or South Carolina Licensure and the pursuit of NC Substance Abuse Credentialing.


This workshop was developed for recent graduates and individuals that are practicing as master level counselors but are also in pursuit of licensure/credentialing. This workshop was designed to serve as a guide to explore the bumps and hurdles that many experiences during this process.

Participants will have the chance to learn valuable time-saving information and to ask the hard questions that can become very confusing obtaining information from more than one source.


Workshop hours: 2 hours and it could be longer depending on questions and answer portion)-One time attendance is all the participant need to get on track.



Workshop cost:  $150.00 per person for Individual


Must call to schedule and cash/money order/credit/debit payments will be collected during sign in or it can be pre-paid.


Call 704-492-1105 voicemail, 980-225-7899 office, or visit our website and send an email; and

with the words Workshop Registration in the subject line