Domestic Violence 

We provide domestic violence groups to educate individuals and help put an end to domestic violence in families.  Our DV program is designed to educate others about the issues and effects of domestic violence in relationships and in families. We also introduce knowledge, skills and preventive activities to assist individuals with avoiding/preventing becoming DV Offenders.  Our group/individual sessions meet once a week for 12 weeks, 26 weeks- Level I and 52 weeks- Level II.  Our rate is $100.00 per week per person and our Assessment/Intake is $150.00.  (We are a Non-BIP)


We also offer a DV Prevention & Anger Management Awareness for Couples Program.  The purpose of this program is to educate and help couples deal with issues that cause major distress in the relationship.  Domestic Violence may start off with negative verbal comments that may turn assaultive towards one another.  Then, mental and emotional stressors of the relationship are added to feelings of anger, hurt and resentment between the two.  Over a period of time, the relationship continues to get worst and the last resort is physical and violent.  All the while, the domestic violent type behaviors began with the negative verbal comments and/or the mental and emotional stressors in the relationship.  We want to help prevent abuse and encourage the awareness of the behaviors that lead up this unfortunate event. 


DV Prevention & Anger Management Awareness for Couples- $150.00 per couple session 1x per week for 6 weeks (2-hour session); Assessment/Intake (two assessments) $250.00.



Anger Management 

We provide anger management group/individual sessions weekly.   Intake/Assessment rate is $150.00.  Group/Individual rates are $100.00 per week per person for 12 weeks.  


 Anger Management Outline 


Our program is designed for adolescents and adults that deal with anger issues. We conduct an intake session where each client will complete an Anger Management Assessment with a social work, mental health and/or substance abuse professional. The following areas are assessed- biological, social and environmental settings, psychiatric status, history of anger/violence and recent episode, alcohol and drug history, a connection between alcohol/drug and anger/aggression, family relationships and history with or without anger, and legal history related to anger/aggression.


We provide 12 weeks of sessions for court-ordered and self-referred individuals that have anger concerns that have caused problems that resulted in poor decision-making. Our treatment sessions are based on the cognitive behavioral therapy approach.


Week 1- Overview of Anger Management Treatment


Week 2- Events and Cues


Week 3- Anger Control Plans


Week 4- The Aggression Cycle


Week 5- Cognitive Restructuring


Week 6- Review Session


Week 7 and 8- Assertiveness and the Conflict Resolution Model


Week 9 and 10- Anger and the Family


Week 11- Review Session


Week 12- Closing and Graduation