Clinical Supervision for North and South Carolina and Georgia

Insightful Options, PLLC has developed a unique way of providing supervision that includes more than case and clinical reviews.  We provide supervision that is person-centered which allows each supervisee to express their own needs and own situations as they journey to becoming the best professionals in the field of counseling.  We have group sessions and individual sessions to allow supervisees to experience a wide range of topics, different styles of counseling and to explore the different areas within the counseling profession.  IO, PLLC has created an open, creative environment to allow for professional development, clinical consultation, business and private practice consultation/development, coaching, mentoring, lesson studies, technical assistance as well as reflective supervision.


During supervision of mental health and substance abuse, many of the following areas and concerns will be discussed; exploring your passion for counseling, becoming an effective counselor, providing clinical counseling services to clients, understanding client's rights and their changing situations, learning career options within the counseling field, exploring career paths, and overall personal development (self-care for a healthy counselor and to avoid burnout).  In addition to those, many supervisees are interested in contracting and/or pursuing private practice work, we can also assist with tips for employment and the development of networking contacts. 


What to expect when you attend supervision sessions?


  • Presentation of case reviews
  • Discussions and trainings on Ethics
  • 12 Core Functions
  • Professional Development
  • Formation of counseling identity
  • Development of knowledge and skills to practice effectively
  • On-site and Off-site observations
  • Good supportive feedback from supervisor and other supervisees
  • A formal structure of each group session
  • 1-4 hour blocked sessions for great flexibility (NC only 1 hour per 40 hours per week)


What is expected of supervisees?



  • To be prepared for session
  • To be a willing participant
  • To have all necessary paperwork ready to be completed, if any.
  • To be respectful of the timing for yourself and other professionals.



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