Alcohol and Drug Assessments

Every Monday and Wednesday at 6:00 pm and Saturday Morning at 10:00 am, we conduct an Alcohol Drug Assessment Group Session for individuals with tight work and family schedules.  You are welcome to come to one of the group assessment session and get your assessment completed-no appointment needed. You will have your private time with the assessor to discuss personal issues as needed.  The assessment group is $100.00 per person and you would need to bring your citation, driving record and BAC reading.  Court Order Drug/Alcohol Assessment (NONE DWI) $150.00. If you do not have the appropriate documents still come and the assessors on staff will assist/help you with how to obtain the information needed and still complete your assessment.  Call at 704 492 1105 with questions or Come meet with us at 615 East 6th Street, Suite 112, Charlotte NC 28202.     

Group Intake and Assessments (DWI/DUI and Alcohol and Drug Assessments)