International Counseling and Business Leadership Summit

We want to promote and focus on the education and development of counseling professionals. We will offer benefits to Counseling Professionals and Counseling Leaders. Empower and encourage leaders with that vision to be a part of our Counselor Mentoring Partnership to assist new counseling professionals. Conduct Monthly Meetings with Speakers that focus on areas of Counseling and Business Development and Growth.  Weekly Calls with Speakers discussing and sharing various topics.  The yearly membership is tax deductible. 

International Mental Health Wellness Retreats with Dr. Latasha McIlwaine and OSJourneys Travel Agency 

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Belize Retreat May 21, (22)-27, 2024

Self love is amazing and we all deserve it! Self care is even more important!

Be authentic, unapologetic and who you are! Take care of yourself! It’s time to care about you, love you, spoil you, put you first, be careful with you, trust you, forgive you, and just be you! You can’t keep filling the tea cups if your tea pot runs dry! ~ Dr. Latasha McIlwaine


Counselor Licensure 101 Workshop



Are you a New Graduate and you are Confused about the supervision process- Register for our Licensure 101 Workshop


Licensure 101: The Questions Your Masters Program Did Not Answer.

Insightful Options, PLLC is proud to present two educational workshops to assist individuals in the pursuit of North Carolina Licensure and/or South Carolina Licensure and the pursuit of NC Substance Abuse Credentialing.


This workshop was developed for recent graduates and individuals that are practicing as master level counselors but are also in pursuit of licensure/credentialing. This workshop was designed to serve as a guide to explore the bumps and hurdles that many experiences during this process.

Participants will have the chance to learn valuable time-saving information and to ask the hard questions that can become very confusing obtaining information from more than one source.


The workshop is presented by Dr. McIlwaine and she has years of supervisory experience with three different boards; NC LPC Board, SC LPC Board (LLR), and NCSAPPB. She is an expert in providing and guiding supervisees through the process. 


Workshop hours: 2 hours and it could be longer depending on questions and answer portion)-One time attendance is all the participant need to get on track.



Workshop cost:  $300.00 per person for Individual


Must call to schedule and cash/money order/credit/debit payments will be collected during sign in or it can be pre-paid.


Call 704-492-1105 voicemail, 980-225-7899 office, or visit our website and send an email; and

with the words Workshop Registration in the subject line



The trainings that will be offered by Insightful Options, PLLC will be board approved.  Please call to confirm boards and approvals prior to taking trainings.


The purpose for specific counseling trainings:  Trainings and workshops continue to be an important part of the counseling profession.  Professionals must maintain their knowledge, skills, and competencies at the highest level possible.  The common goals for attending trainings are to improve capabilities, capacities, and performance in the area of study.  IO, PLLC promotes and understands the importance of professional development and ongoing counseling training.


**Please Be Advised**

Substance abuse registrants must provide a list of trainings or education that were acquired during the credentialing process with final submission to the board for certification or licensure.