What our customers say about us

"Latasha is extremely professional; a very gifted and knowledgeable clinician. She listens attentively and provides thoughtful insightful regarding the situation at hand whether it involves case management, training, licensure questions, counseling or treatment plan. She is truly a functional expert who displays empathy and compassion for her consumers and clinicians. I have tremendously benefited from her superb supervision."

Felix Alexander, LPCA, LCASA

"Latasha was professional and helpful. Gave great advice. Cares about my future and the help she was giving me."


"Mrs. Mcllwaine is a very Pleasant and easy person to talk to."


“I was a little worried at 8am but you and Charlene have been awesome. Thank you both so much for your flexibility.”


“She is a phenomenal person. The most real and helpful person I have ever known. I can't imagine there is anyone who is better at what she does. Thank you.”


"Such a welcoming staff! :)"


"Dr. McIlwaine and her team were professional and helpful. They answered all of my questions, they helped me to feel better about the situation and they worked hard to resolve my DWI issue. My case was complicated and they keep me in the loop of what was going on to get the case resolved. Thank you for your professionalism and for treating me with respect." -Paul G.  

"I worked with Latasha for over 2 years under her supervision. She was supportive, professional and she helped me to obtain my license by giving professional and real advice about this profession. She is very knowledgeable and she knows her stuff." -K. Ruffin, LCAS, LPC

"Dr. McIlwaine is a real gem. There are not too many people, like her, out there anymore." -Anonymous-