The Greene-McIlwaine Foundation

We are a Non-Profit Organization that provides needed care consulting to families that have children or family members with newly diagnosed or existing diagnosis of special needs.  We assist with navigating their communities of health care, educational, recreational/community activities/systems to develop active engagement in the services that are needed.  The support can be imm​ensely beneficial due to the guidance and support that is needed to navigate the complexities of and within the systems of overall care.  The health care system includes medical, dental, specialty health care services such as mental health, IDD, and other services.  The educational system includes engaging, interacting, and advocating with and for parents/caregivers, school staff regarding IEP’s, 504 plans and ongoing services/meetings to further address educational and/or career development.  The recreational/community living activities include life-long community integration skills for a long and health lifestyle with as much relevant independence as possible. Additionally, the foundation has supportive counseling, support groups, social skills training and other different types of therapies and supports that are exclusively for participants and families.