Private Counseling Business Practice Consulting

Making that first step into private counseling business practice can be difficult.  It is an investment in your life, your career and/or your business that can be a critical move.  We want to help you feel comfortable and ready to make that first step and achieve positive and successful results.   


For several years, Dr. McIlwaine has been developing a simple approach to help educate and assist local counselors, business owners and many of her supervisees with stepping out into their own private practice.  Results may vary but Latasha provides support, encouragement and her own real-life experiences with starting her own private practice.  Dr. McIlwaine utilizes the skills learned from obtaining her Master of Health Administration Degree to help with the creation of strong marketing strategies, assisting with ways to form positive networking relations in the community, advisement and human resources/administrative duties as well as educating on basic business practices.           


We have several communication options to meet your needs.

In Person, Skype/Facetime or by Phone:

Initial Business Consultations are $125.00 per 60 Minute Session and $100.00 per 60 Minute Session thereafter.  All skype/facetime/telephonic sessions must be paid in advance and prior to scheduling an appointment.  We accept all major credit cards and we can invoice through PayPal.  


Call us or email us to get information and/or to schedule your session today.


Do you need assistance with starting your private practice?

We will help to assist you and help you face your fears with basic practice start up tips. Call for an appointment today.